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Millennial workplace word cloudIn my “Now Trending” series, I curate five recently published articles that capture the future of work or embrace the Millennial mindset. Share your favorite articles of the week in a comment!

The Youth Unemployment Crisis Might Not Be a Crisis

The unemployment and underemployment rates of today’s young people have been a hot topic in media this year, and the statistics are certainly staggering. In this Atlantic article, author Zachary Karabell offers a different take on the subject: that young people are choosing not to enter low wage jobs or have chosen an entrepreneurial path, not that the economic system is failing them all. As he says, this is not a “generation of despair, but rather a generation determined not to settle.”

Generational Smackdown! Who is Best at Retirement Saving?

In this stereotype-busting article, author Chris Taylor cites a study demonstrating that Millennials are a generation that started saving for retirement earlier than any other (at age 24). Another survey mentioned in this article reported that 80% of Millennials planned to contribute to their retirements in the next 12 months. I’m glad to see data like this come to light. There are lots of responsible Millennials out there, many of whom I’ve talked to about their finances during my “My Tomorrow” tweetchats sponsored by The Hartford. Thank you to Chris Taylor for countering the Millennial Shaming epidemic.

Leading Older Employees

In this helpful blog post, my friend and fellow author Jodi Glickman teaches you how to be effective when you’re young and in charge. I love this article because it provides specific guidance on how to speak confidently without sounding either tentative or arrogant and how to solicit feedback without sacrificing the trust of your older employees. My next book is all about the subject of Millennials in leadership positions, and this read highlights some of the major themes I’m exploring, too.

Workplace Flexibility is the Top New Age Benefit

This quick press release touches on a key component of today’s multigenerational workplace: people of all ages and lifestyles want great work/life balance. Outside of financial perks, this was by far the most coveted benefit for job seekers according to a recent poll by p.s. Gen Ys are often noted for their desire for flexibility, but remember that this doesn’t mean they all want to work from home all the time.

Loving Millennials: A Message to Gen Y (and Those Who Know Them)

There’s a lot of negative talk about Millennials, and I was thrilled that this Huffington Post piece flies in the face of it all. Leslie Tolf notes that 1/3 of her staff are under the age of 35, and she composed this piece with five pieces of workplace advice to Gen Ys everywhere. I particularly like #5, practicing patience, especially when it comes to communicating with different generations. There’s a lot of benefit to having a multigenerational workforce, and Millennials need to keep that in mind.

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