Why The Generation Gap is Great for Your Career

shutterstock_130001642-300x295We have entered an exciting time in the evolution of the workplace. With the Millennial generation (those born approximately 1982-1995, a.k.a. Generation Y) entering the workforce in large numbers and the delay in retirement for many Baby Boomers, today’s office space is often being shared by different generations.

There has been a lot of discussion around how work style differs between the Millennials and Boomers. With contrasting stereotypes, such as Millennials feeling entitled to fast promotions, and Boomers being out of touch with the technology of today, people are questioning whether the age gap can be overcome.

The first quarterly report I’ve written in partnership with The Hartford, titled Tomorrow @Work, terms this dynamic the “Generational Mashup.” Employers need to appeal to a variety of generations simultaneously to be successful, and employees of different generations must learn to work together to be successful.

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