Frequently Asked Questions


Can Lindsey tailor her message for our group(s)?

Yes. Through her own research and discussions with you prior to an event, Lindsey customizes every program to each unique audience’s needs.

What kinds of audiences does Lindsey speak to?

Lindsey frequently speaks to a wide variety of audiences, including global corporations, boards of directors, employee resource groups, law firms, professional associations, conferences, universities, business schools and non-profit organizations.

Is Lindsey available for customized speaking programs (length, topic, etc.)?

Yes, many of Lindsey’s presentations are customized to the individual client or audience’s needs. Please fill out the form above and our team will prepare a personalized proposal.

What is the optimal audience size?

Over her 15-plus-year speaking career, Lindsey has spoken to audiences ranging from 5 people to 2,500 people. All audience sizes are welcome.

Does Lindsey provide a Q&A session in the keynote?

Lindsey is happy to offer a Q&A session upon request.

Can we make a video and / or audio recording of Lindsey’s talk for an additional fee?

Yes, upon request and within some parameters. Many clients have made various types of recordings of Lindsey’s presentations as part of their contracts.

Does Lindsey create different talks on the same topic for different audiences–senior leadership vs. junior employees, HR professionals, etc.?

All of Lindsey’s speeches are customized to the specific audience. General audience programs are also available. See Lindsey’s speaking page for more details.

How interactive are Lindsey’s keynote presentations?

As you can see in Lindsey’s videos, her natural speaking style is conversational and interactive with her audiences. However, the level of audience participation will vary depending on a client’s goals, the size of the audience and the allotted time. For example, a half-day corporate training will include multiple activities and exercises. The level of interactivity can be customized to your needs.

Can we make Lindsey’s slides available for attendees of her presentation?

Yes. All clients receive a digital copy of Lindsey’s presentation that may be shared with participants.

If Lindsey had one message that all audiences should take away from one of her talks, what is it?

Generational change isn’t a problem to be solved; it is an opportunity to be optimized.


What makes Lindsey different from other speakers on generations in the workplace?

There are many wonderful speakers on the important topic of generational differences in the workplace. Lindsey is unique in three key ways:

  1. Deeply knowledgeable: Lindsey has been researching, writing and speaking about generational change in the workplace for over 15 years.
  2. Positive: Unlike some speakers who focus on negative stereotypes, Lindsey takes a positive and constructive approach to helping people navigate the present and future of work.
  3. Actionable: Participants often say that Lindsey’s presentations have not only widened their knowledge about the opportunities of generational change, but also provide a clear list of actions to take in their organizations to optimize their multigenerational workforces.


Does Lindsey specialize in any particular industry?

Lindsey speaks across multiple industries, including but not limited to: advertising, banking and financial services, beauty, energy, healthcare, government, insurance, law, manufacturing, media, real estate and technology. See Lindsey’s full client list.

Can Lindsey do an interactive talk with a smaller group, such as a Board of Directors or an intact team within our organization?


Is Lindsey available to moderate and/or speak on panel discussions?

Yes. Lindsey frequently moderates and participates as a panelist for a variety of audiences.

Can we book Lindsey for multiple events in a single day or two-day block?  

Yes. Lindsey often delivers multiple presentations during the same conference or company visit. For example, at a large conference she will deliver a keynote address and also present a breakout session, or at a law firm she will deliver a morning program to partners and an afternoon program to associates.

What format of presentations are most effective?

We are happy to help you determine the best presentation format for your audience, event or business goals. Common formats include:

  • Keynote speeches (generally 30 to 90 minutes)
  • Corporate training (generally 90 minutes to 4 hours)
  • Campus workshops (generally 1 to 2 hours)
  • Webinars (generally 45 to 75 minutes)

Will Lindsey help us with the marketing of our event?

Yes. Visit the “For Meeting Planners” section of for workshop write-ups, headshots, logos and Lindsey’s bio. We welcome you to use these resources for your marketing efforts. Lindsey would also be delighted to help promote your event on social media, upon request.

Does Lindsey offer consulting services?

Lindsey’s consulting work is highly customized and limited to a few select engagements each year. To discuss a needs assessment and potential consulting project, please fill out this form.

Examples of Lindsey’s past consulting projects include:

  • Leading focus groups with millennial employees and/or customers and analyzing results.
  • Facilitation of millennial strategy meetings with executive management
  • Participation in brainstorming sessions to improve attraction and retention of millennial employees
  • Advising on new product development and marketing materials or strategies.


Can I ask Lindsey a specific question about my job search or career?

Due to the volume of requests Lindsey receives, she is not able to answer individual questions. It’s likely she has answered your question in one of her books Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World, Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders or on her blog. If you’re looking for a career coach, here is Lindsey’s list of recommended coaches.

Will Lindey review my resume?

Lindsey is not available to review individual resumes. If you’d like to have your resume critiqued for free, your best bet is to contact your college’s career services office — even after you’ve graduated. If you’d like to hire a resume expert, here is Lindsey’s list of recommended coaches.

Can I connect with Lindsey on social media?

Absolutely! Lindsey would love to have you follow her on Twitter or Instagram and like her Facebook page. You may also connect with her on LinkedIn.