Job Action Day Post: 5 things to do right now if you are job hunting

jobactionday.jpgToday is Job Action Day!

Job Action Day, started by Dr. Randall Hansen of Quintessential Careers, is a day of empowerment for workers and job seekers — a day “to put your career and job in the forefront, making plans, taking action.”

In the spirit of action, my post today focuses on five actions you can take right now if you are looking for a job (or suspect you might be job hunting soon). I’ve also included links to some additional career advice blogs and job hunting resources so you can find even more tips.

1. Get organized with a job search notebook. This will be your one and only place to keep track of to-do lists, ideas, company research, notes from workshops and interviews, advice from career advisors and other important information. From this point forward, keep your job search notebook with you at all times.  You never know when you might think of a new idea or hear about a company or program or person you want to look into.  By keeping all of your notes in one place, you’re less likely to lose any data and more likely to keep focused.  If you’re really hard core, you can even keep the notebook on your nightstand, in case you have any great career brainstorms while you’re dozing off to sleep at night.

For more advice on organizing a job search, check out:

2. Call your alma mater’s career services office. Almost every college and university career services office will provide free (that’s right, free) job search support to alumni. Services that can cost hundreds of dollars in the “real world” are available at no cost from the college you attended. This includes career counseling, resume editing, interview prep, exclusive networking events, access to alumni databases and much more. If you’re not working with your college’s career services office, you are missing an enormous opportunity.

3. Set up news alerts for any organization you’d like to work for. The biggest complaint I hear from recruiters is that job candidates, especially young professionals, don’t know enough about the companies to which they’re applying.  It’s crucial to be extremely knowledgeable about any company you want to work for. This shows that you’re genuinely interested in the organization and that you’re ready to hit the ground running on day one. To make sure you never miss a thing, set up Google news alerts for any companies on your target list.  You’ll then receive an email whenever that company appears in a news article, blog post, press release or anywhere else.  This will keep you in-the-know about new products or services, company announcements, industry issues and, of course, job opportunities.  This is also great info to have on the tip of your tongue while networking in your industry.

4. Join LinkedIn and use it every day. Many recruiters, headhunters, small business owners and corporate hiring managers are now recruiting solely through LinkedIn, so make sure you are taking advantage of every aspect of this social networking site. For many tips on how to stand out and get a job through social networking, check out my post on making the most of LinkedIn.

In addition to LinkedIn, lately I’ve been receiving a larger number of connection requests to other professional networks, such as Plaxo, Doostang and Keith Ferrazzi’s Greenlight Community. I don’t see any reason not to join several sites if you have the time to maintain an active presence on all of them. A job opportunity may pop up anywhere, so you want to cast as wide a net as possible.

5. Call or email 5 contacts every day. Often the job goes to the person who is in the right place at the right time.  Stay on recruiters’ and networking contacts’ radar screens by regularly reminding them of your availability and your fabulousness.  Some ideas: Check in every week or two with an additional idea for what you can contribute to the company, drop a note when you see the company or person mentioned in a news article (see #3 above), attend live events where you are likely to run into your contacts, comment on a person’s status update on LinkedIn or Facebook and check in whenever you have a new accomplishment to share.  Just be careful to remain polite and relevant: You want persist and stand out, not pester and stalk!

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  3. Jason Alba

    Lindsey, thanks for the plug for JibberJobber – I personally use it instead of a notebook, but hey :p

    Jason Alba
    CEO –

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  5. Saira


    How do you feel about graduation announcements? Is it a good investment to purchase them and send them to friends, family, and companies of interest? And if they are a good idea, is it tacky to send them along with a resume, business card, etc. ?

  6. Ema

    Several sites now help students create a free student resume online and even post their jobs wanted ad! One example is NUresume,, where students create a free online resume and can post internships, scholarships, jobs and even colleges wanted.

  7. Patrick Everett

    Joining job hunting sites like Monster’s and CarrerBuilder’s is a good idea. But the problem with these two is that their search engines that are supposed to match you with the job you’re looking for aren’t intelligent enough.

    Good thing then that there’s this new site called

    It’s a fairly new site but the job matches you’ll get are pretty spot-on with what you’re looking for.

    They also happen to have an account on YouTube that’s got some pretty funny and cute videos at

    Hope you find the job that you’re looking for there!

  8. Lindsey Pollak

    @Ema and @Patrick – thanks for sharing these resources!


  9. Lindsey Pollak

    @Saira – re: How do you feel about graduation announcements?

    I like the idea of graduation announcements for friends and family, but I probably wouldn’t send them to potential employers. It feels a bit too personal to me, and sending them with a resume feels a bit too pushy.

    Instead, I would compose a short, positive email about your graduation to send to professional contacts. I’d include information like your new contact details. The subject could read “Graduation news and new contact information” — that makes it feel like a must-read. In the body of the email, you can say that graduation is what’s new with you, then ask the recipients what’s new with them. I’d suggest sending individual emails instead of a mass email – feels more personal and more deserving of a response. These emails could be a great way to start a conversation that leads to an opportunity.

    Hope that’s helpful. Good luck!


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  13. Resume Writer

    Follow-up is important … BIG TIME! Also, that notebook should be a spreadsheet where every contact instance (and the details from it) is recorded. For instance, If you call a potential employer who says they cannot speak with you because they have to take their daughter to a recital, you want to be sure to ask them about it when you call them next week. Before the days of the desktop, I had a notebook with a separate age for every person I spoke with (even if it was with the same company).

    But yes … you also have to work that network. But it needs to be cultivated BEFORE you need it.

    William Mitchell, CPRW

  14. Barry

    Thanks for you thoughts Lindsey. Another great site a started using is called Personavita ( This was been helpful for me during my job search. I was able to create an online portfolio with all my career accomplishments. It’s has helped more than just a resume because it allow my accomplishments to be validated by my colleagues. It’s only been around for a few months I think it will be a great tool for job seekers.

  15. Lindsey Pollak

    @Barry – Thanks for the tip. Sounds like PersonaVita is a good resource to check out.


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