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  • “This is What Social Media Superstars Can Teach You About Building Influence | Fast Company
  • “If you Build It, Millennials Will Stay” | Chief Learning Officer
  • “How to Delegate Effectively” | Real Simple
  • “Ladders 101: The Most Influential People in the World of Work, Management and Career” | Ladders
  • “Millennials, This is Why You Haven’t Been Promoted” | The Huffington Post
  • “Why some startup CEOs are starting to live in their offices” | Yahoo Finance
  • “4 Reasons All Millennials Should Develop Their Public Speaking Skills” | Forbes


  • “7 Books that Should be Required Reading Early in your Career” | Monster
  • “6 Reasons 20-Somethings Don’t Get Promoted” | Business Insider
  • “Don’t Buy Into These 4 Millennial Myths” | Business News Daily 
  • “8 Mistakes Everyone Makes At a First Job (and How to Avoid Them)” | Real Simple
  • “Millennials force CIOs to rethink tech, training processes” | CIO
  • “Why Everyone Should Have Multiple Mentors” | Motto
  • “Movie Stars in TV Ads: Are they worried about ‘selling out?'” | Chicago Tribune
  • “The 75 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Your Career” | The Muse
  • “The Kids Are Alright: Solving the ‘problem’ of millennials in pro sports” | Sportsnet


  • “Don’t Blow It With Your Office’s Casual Dress Code” | U.S. News & World Report
  • “Top Millennial Blogs to Subscribe To” | Ploymint
  • “7 Traits of Great Mentors” | Fast Company
  • “Paid Leave Benefits Are on the Rise” | USA Today
  • “5 Ways Millennials Are Disrupting Working Parenthood” | Forbes
  • “How to Manage Your Boss” | Refinery29
  • “How Many Team-Building Hiking Trips Can Your Marriage Take?” | The Wall Street Journal
  • “Will Millennials Change the Workplace for the Better?” | CNBC.com
  • “5 Strategies Everyone Needs to Succeed at Their First Job” | Real Simple Podcast
  • “Why Emoji Are Suddenly Acceptable at Work” | The Atlantic
  • “How to Get Paid More at Your First Job” | Huffington Post
  • “Why Do Millennials Get Such a Bad Rap at Work?” | CNBC.com
  • “Essential Branding and Networking Tips for College Seniors” | U.S. News & World Report
  • “Busting Millennials-in-the-Workplace Myths” | CIO
  • “Entry-level Job? It Gets Better” | The Wall Street Journal
  • “10 Reasons Not to Leave the Job You Hate” | Marie Claire
  • “Career Advice Every Millennial Needs to Hear” | Metro


  • “Millennial-Speak: How to Attract New Talent to Your Company” | Forbes
  • “Millennials are Closing the Gender Wage Gap” | CNNMoney
  • “Reinventing Themselves, Without a Net” | The New York Times
  • “How to Handle ‘You’re Young Enough to Be My Kid'” | Entrepreneur
  • “The 7 Common (and Totally Avoidable) Mistakes New Managers Make” | Fast Company
  • “5 Tips for Millennial Managers” | U.S. News & World Report
  • “Don’t Let Your Education End at Graduation” | The Wall Street Journal
  • “Millennials in the Workforce: What to Expect” | FOX Business
  • “What You Need to Know Before Signing a Noncompete Agreement” | Lifehacker
  • “5 Things Every Boss Should Know About Working with Millennials” | Forbes
  • “Big City Living: Post Grad Students Ditch the Suburbs” | USA Today College
  • “Why Are We So Hard on Women Bosses?” | Cosmopolitan
  • 5 Real Ways to Advance Your Career Without Wasting Money” | Fast Company
  • “Job Hopping: How Millennials Can Remain Fulfilled and Pay Their Dues” | Black Enterprise



  • “Job Hunting in the Off Season” | The Wall Street Journal
  • “College Degree Still Holds Sway in Weak Job Market” | Chicago Tribune
  • “How Recent Grads Can Recover From Disillusionment About Their Jobs” | Business Insider
  • “Quit Multitasking: How to Unitask and Get More Done” | Forbes
  • “How to Tweet, Blog and Network Your Way to a New Job” | Reuters
  • “How Those Spoiled Millennials Will Make the Workplace Better for Everyone” | The Washington Post
  • “On the Move: Gen Y Talent” | Talent Management
  • “How Social Media Can Affect Your Job Search” | Real Simple
  • “The Assistant Diaries: Job Kisses of Death” | Glamour
  • “Job Interview Questions You Need to Know” | Cosmopolitan
  • “Choice Careers: Top Jobs in 2025″ | Parents
  • “What To Do When You’re ‘Malemployed’” | CNN Health
  • “The Best Twitter Feeds for Career Advice” | Main St
  • “5 Best Strategies for Finding a Job Now” | CNBC
  • “Laws of the Bungle” | New York Post
  • “Why Gen Y Facebook Users Keep Career Info Out” | Fortune
  • “The 10 Best Cities for Young People to Find Jobs” | The Fiscal Times


  • “6 Great Resources to Kick-Start Your Career in the New Year” | Forbes
  • “Generation Y Isn’t Impressed With Your Pension Plan and Doesn’t Have Time For Your Hiring Process: An Interview With Lindsey Pollak” | Business Insider
  • “Social Media Means More Than Salary to Some College Students” | U.S. News & World Report
  • “Creativity Becoming a Must In Job Searches” | Chicago Tribune
  • “Are Twentysomethings Expecting Too Much?” | Washingtonian
  • “Relationship Status Is the Most Taboo Topic in the Workplace” | AOL Jobs
  • “The 10 Worst Mistake of First-Time Job Hunters” | FINS
  • “New Workplace Dynamics” | New York Daily News
  • “Permalancing: The New Disposable Workforce” | The Fiscal Times

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